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Our Firm

Going through any type of legal proceeding, whether that be a divorce or criminal proceeding, can be challenging if not painful. The stress and worry can have an impact on your children, friends, career, and even your dignity.  Resolving these legal issues are about more than money, more than where you will live, they are essentially about who you were, who you are, and who you will become.
Our attorneys at the Law Office of Stuart Fishman are skilled and compassionate, helping you get to a new beginning. It is our job to help you succeed in gracefully creating closure on one important point in your life, and placing your feet in the starting position of a new and positive journey.  At the Law Offices of Stuart Fishman our divorce lawyers spend time with each and every client and vigorously represent their interests.  Each attorney works tirelessly on the client’s behalf to create the most amicable, fair, and correct path to marital dissolution and child custody cases. 
We provide a wide range of mediation and litigation services throughout the State of California.  Established in 1994 by Stuart Fishman, our office has developed into one of the most respected firms in Santa Clara County. Our attorneys take a genuine interest in our clients' needs, take the time to understand their objectives and provide strong representation in a timely, effective and efficient manner.
What sets the Law Offices of Stuart Fishman apart? We are a true litigation firm with the resources and training to bring about positive results at trial when a settlement cannot be reached. We draw upon that experience when addressing client needs in Family Law and Criminal Law matters.  
We appreciate your visit to the Law Office of Stuart Fishman, LLP and invite you to explore and learn how we may best serve you.
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