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Initially, my ex-husband and I were trying to settle our divorce without involving attorneys in order to save on legal fees.  We considered various types of Mediation or Arbitration, but it seemed as if our respective positions were simply too polarized.  After months of false promises and stalled progress, I acted on a referral from both another attorney and a retired judge who both recommended Mr. Fishman to me. His office staff was easy to work with and was able to schedule my consult quickly.  This was not my first divorce and based on my prior experience, I was worried about hiring another attorney.  It's been my experience that Family Law attorneys are more interested in their fee rather than their client, and cases can drag out for years.  However, Mr. Fishman and his staff could not have been more courteous and made me feel very comfortable with their approach to my case.  At the conclusion of my consult, I retained him on the spot.  

For my children, my well-being, and my future financial state, it was the best decision I could have made.  Stuart and his Associate Attorney, Mabel Lin, began working on my case immediately, only being aggressive when necessary, and much to my surprise, they were amazingly effective.  Within a month, we had a real settlement offer from my husband's (now ex-husband) attorney, upon which we could build and refine what would be the final judgment packet.   Stuart and Mabel listened to my goals, fears, and many frustrations, and used their expertise to take decisive and effective action to calm the situation and begin the settlement process.  Stuart and his staff worked tirelessly to prepare and organize my case very quickly and I was impressed with their ability to work towards settling my case instead of making a long, drawn-out ordeal out of it.  

Stuart and Mabel's manner was relaxed and amicable, and there were times when I was sure that they weren't being aggressive enough.  However, my perspective was very different from that of my ex-husband who complained that Stuart was intimidating and that he was being overly aggressive.  Whatever was the truth, I know that Stuart and Mabel were able to take my ex-husband out of his comfort zone and obtain a final settlement very quickly.  Through their attention to detail and obvious experience with both the process and the law, I was able to get a very favorable result.  My only regret is that I did not hire Stuart sooner.


- Kimberly L.





This is my first time ever writing a review on yelp, but this is the least I can do for someone who has done so much for me over the years. I often use a joke with my friends that my Lawyer was so good I used him twice. Not just a joke, while never having much luck in the marriage department at least I got the lawyer right.   I will never say what I went through was easy, it was probably the toughest time in my life and having Stuart there to help me through the process was a blessing. During my first divorce the financial struggles I was going through almost broke me and when I made Stuart aware of the problem he did not hesitate to work out a plan that made it possible to retain his services. I was shocked that he offered to help because all of my life the only lawyer stories I ever heard were bad. He not only made it possible for me to afford his services he did a great job representing me against someone who wanted to make me suffer. Another thing that impressed me about Stuart was that he actually cared about what I was going through and he did not just look at me as a paycheck.  Divorce is never easy and if you are heading into a fight the best advice I can give you is don't go into it alone. The Court system will eat you alive if you don't have good representation and thank God I had Stuart to help me through. It was many years ago that I went through my marriage troubles and I had not seen Stuart in years, and recently I contacted him over a custody issue. My case was pretty rock solid, but you never know in family court. Stuart came through again, in less than two hours I was walking out of court with full legal & physical custody and I know for a fact that would not of happened without Stuart by my side.


- Rick C.




Like most folks that need a lawyer, I was cautious where to turn and did a good amount of research before choosing a lawyer. I was referred to Stuart. After battling in court for two years not (due to the other party's constant use of the law system) only did we come out victorious in every step of the family law. I have the best possible scenario for my time with my kids. It seriously could not have worked out better. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to Stuart representing you. Be sure to be clear in the outcome you desire and Stuart WILL work for you. He has 20 years in the business and he will tell you straight up what he thinks about your case. If you go into family court without representation you can expect the California system to take advantage of you. If you are a man(from my experience obviously) you better hire Stuart, honestly its your only chance for a decent outcome. Family law can be harsh and emotional, but Stuart handles things very professionally. He seems to know most of the judges and other attorneys very well and has a good report with his staff and court personnel. I recommend you hire him.


- R.C.


If I could give Mr. Fishman more than 5 stars in this review, I would. I'd been through several Family Law attorney's over 3 years before finally coming to the Mr. Fishman's office. My case was very complicated and involved various community property, business issues, child custody and support as well as a myriad of other issues that I felt were simply overwhelming. I met with Mr. Fishman and after I explained my case to him, I had confidence that he understood what I was telling him. He listened to me and didn't continue to ask me the same questions again and again. I worked with both Mr. Fishman and his associate attorney, Ms. Mabel Lin. In a very short period of time, and at a very reasonable expense, Mr. Fishman was able to resolve my custody and visitation issues, getting me full physical custody of my children, getting my ex-husband to pay what he owed under our previous Judgment and secured my home from my ex-husband's creditors going forward. I was extremely happy with the result. I would recommend Mr. Fishman and Ms. Lin to anyone who needs quality Family Law legal representation. I also cannot stress enough how reasonable his fees were for the amount of work that was done.


- G.N.


We used Stuart Fishman as our attorney to help us with a hit and run case in Palo Alto . He was very prompt and professional in responding to our request , contacting the necessary parties and initiating the appropriate paperwork needed for filing the complaint.He was very concerned about keeping us informed on the progress of our case , employing excellent communication skills via email, drop box as well as phone calls whenever necessary. We were very happy with our experience and found him to be extremely competent and knowledgeable attorney.We highly recommend Mr. Fishman and would gladly use him again with future legal matters.


- G.X.


Stuart has been my lawyer for over a year and has been nothing more than a shield for my family, helping me protect my son who had been abducted twice by his biological mother. Stuart and his office staff have gone above and beyond multiple times for me and my family, whether it be late nights or weekends, it doesn't matter. Most importantly Stuart has been a great source of information and a willing ear...something I don't think you find much of in the legal professions. No matter the situation Stuart had a path to get my family and I to the place we needed to be, and for that I will be eternally thankful.


- K.S.


I receive an entire legal team when I hired Stuart as my attorney. Stuart, and his staff, are knowledgeable as they are fierce. They know what they are doing plus nothing is overcharged. Very reasonable fees for the amount of work and dedication that is placed on each case. Seriously, hiring him was the best thing I did to protect my family.


- K.M.K.


Stuart is a incredible attorney who's interest is to protect you.Stuart can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees with his tactics and strategies. He is a seasoned attorney with over 18 years of experience.Stuart has a well managed legal team which works effectively when it comes to getting divorced.They work very closely with each client to offer the best solutions.The misery and the expense he saved me was priceless. His practice is highly focused and experienced in family and divorce law. Stuart serves San Jose and the rest of the Northern California Bay Area. For a free consultation call (408) 293-9998.


- S.K.


I am in the legal field and needed legal representation for my own personal legal matter in connection to guardianship of my granddaughter. I have dealt with many family law attorneys. There was no reservation that I would retain Stuart. Stuart stands out. It is never easy when the legal matter is your own. I was impressed that Stuart took the time to contact me during his vacation to discuss my case with me and my husband. He is accessible, knowledgeable, dedicated, and found him easy to work with and personable individual. He put in time and effort above what I would expect from an attorney. Stuart is very encouraging and honest with all possibilities of the outcome of my case. I highly recommend Stuart Fishman.


- F.P.


Great work and got it done right.  HIGHLY recommended.


- C.A.


I've been a client with Mr. Fishmans office for 2 years and its been a long hall and process, but everything with custody or divorce issues always are.  Mr. Fishman's experience and advise has been excellent and everything that would have happened through this process has happened like Mr. Fishman said to me.  His office has great customer service and are people friendly and always took care of my issues and never backed down from a fight.  They fight for what's right and for me and they just dont take my money and have no results.  I have had 2 different lawyers previously and by far Mr. Fishman has been the best, today i have full custody of my daughter and she is safe with me and i didnt expect to have what i have today with my daughter but Mr. Fishman's office has gone above and beyond for me and hasn't stopped. Thank you so much Mr. Fishmanb for everything that you have done.


- L.J.


I hired Stuart Fishman after I tried to do my divorce myself.  Not a good Idea when going through a sticky divorce.  Stuart is a very personable guy who keeps you informed every step of the way.  He was phenomenal with getting me what was rightfully mine.  Stuart and his staff are hardworking, very trustworthy and knowledgeable when it comes to the law.  I highly recommend his firm.

- J.Munroe


I got a consultation with Mr.Fishman in regards to a situation that thankfully never ended up happening but was a serious enough matter to prepare for.  He was very understanding yet very straightforward in his approach.  He seemed fearless when it came to litigation, as well as realistic about the overall situation. Although we never saw a courtroom together, I'm confident that ,and have heard that he's just the man I would need on my side.


- B.S.


My experience with Mr. Stuart Fishman has been outstanding. He is an astute lawyer, well versed in family court and specializes in divorce. He has 19+ years of experience and it really showed when I asked him to review my situation. 

As for my own case, everything took place as Mr Fishman explained to me. His staff are on top of everything. In fact, when I needed questions answered late in the afternoon and at nights, Mr Fishman replied back quickly. He is very responsive, detailed and has great insights and advice. I highly recommend Stuart Fishman and his office for any family law issues. In fact, I have a good family friend who I've also referred to his office for her issues with a divorce gone bad. I would not do that if I had any reservations about his services and attention to the case. Many thanks to Stuart, his partners and front office assistant Kim for providing me an excellent service. I'm now divorced and feel great about the way my case was handled by Mr. FIshman.


- Bob M.

Stuart and his staff were great through out the whole process keeping me informed on the progress of my case and the upcoming hearings. His staff was very responsive and made sure all my questions were answered immediately. During the hearing Stuart was able to discover things about the defendant that helped my case immensely. I strongly recommend his services .

- Lex O.

Mr. Fishman and his staff provided excellent assistance to me in my family legal matter. Throughout the process of filings, motions and hearings, they were caring, competent and effective. Mr. Fishman knows the law and communicates it very clearly. His small staff works with him as a team. I always felt well taken care of whether I was working with Mr. Fishman or someone else in the office. I highly recommend this law office was anyone who wants to resolve a family law issue fairly and properly.

- Steve R.

Mr. Fishman was very helpful and easy to talk to about what the situation was, and helped me to keep getting through it.

Liz R.




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